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Valeoplast® Elastic Adhesive Bandage (Latex Free)

Valeoplast Elastic Adhesive BandageValeoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage
Valeoplast - EAB


Our EAB's (Elastic Adhesive Bandages) are made from bleached cotton elastic fabric and feature a yellow central guiding line.

Valeoplast EAB's can be re-positioned easily but still retain their strong adhesive force which keeps them in place for an extended period of time. Valeoplast EAB's are suitable for compression and support and the fixation of dressings.

The edges of the bandage do not fray and the material is naturally breathable. The EAB's edges are free of adhesive which prevents skin lesions when bandages are applied for long periods of time.

Features :

FREE from synthetic adhesive, latex and rosin, to avoid allergies

Does not fray and is naturally breathable

Easy re-positioning, whilst maintaining strong adhesive qualities

Suitable for compression and support and fixation of dressings

Size Guide

Width Length (Stretched) Packaging

Valeoplast - 50mm

4.5 meter Individually packed

Valeoplast - 75mm

4.5 meter Individually packed

Valeoplast - 100mm

4.5 meter Individually packed