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Validus® Draw Sheets

Validus Draw Sheets


Our Draw sheets are made from wetproof paper which is laminated to a fluid repelling PE backing foil.

Validus Draw sheets are waterproof and designed to be placed on beds/mattresses/tables to protect linen and mattresses.

Draw sheets can either be put on the bed length wise, to protect the mattress, or across the bed wherever the protection is needed.

Validus Draw sheets are available in a size of 1.56mx1m. (2mx1m sheets are available on request for large orders).

NOTE: Draw Sheets must be placed so that the Plastic backing faces down onto the mattress/linen in order for the paper to absorb fluids.

NOTE: Draw Sheets are not suitable to be used where patients have open wounds - for these patients we recommend our Linen Savers.

Features :

Protects Linen and Mattresses

Waterproof Plastic backing - repels fluids effectively

Paper layer absorbs fluid and draws it away from patient

Available in 1.56mx1m size

Size Guide

Description Size Packaging

Draw Sheet

1.56 meter x 1.0 meter Box of 100