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Clemens® Contour Shaped Pads

Clemens Contour Shaped Pads


Clemens Contour shaped pads are suitable for use with a wide range of levels of incontinence. Correct fitting is essential to get the best performance from the product and ideally these pads should be used in conjunction with Clemens Net fitted pants.

Technically advanced, Clemens Contour shaped pads feature a white textile backsheet with double wetness indicator, anti-leak cuffs to minimise the risk of side leakage and a multi-layer absorption core incorporating super absorbent powder (SAP) designed for fast absorption and dryness.

NOTE: The Pads are available in three different absorbency levels:

1) Extra - for moderate absorbency

2) Extra Plus - for high absorbency and

3) Super Plus - for very high absorbency.

Features :

Double wetness indicators show when the pad is ready to be changed

A coloured strip running along the pad indicates its absorbency

The soft acquisition layer promotes the fast passage of urine through to the inside of the pad and keeps the skin feeling dry

Anti-leak cuffs ensure all liquid is absorbed directly into the pad

Available in 3 different types of absorbency levels

Clemens Contour

Size Guide

Description Absorbency Level Type Pads per Packet Absorbancy

Clemens Contour

Extra 28 Moderate

Clemens Contour

Extra Plus 28 High

Clemens Contour

Super Plus 28 Very High