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Our Clemens® Product Range

Products for light incontinence
Typically a light incontinence is characterised by occasional trickles of urine loss. A light incontinence is present when affected persons lose an average of 50 ml - 300 ml of urine over a four hour period.
We recommend using our range of Clemens Care Pads.

Products for light to moderate incontinence
The term “light to moderate incontinence” is used when affected persons notice an average urine loss of 200 to 1000 ml over a four hour period. We have a range of incontinence products that can meet your specific needs and those of your caregivers.
Depending on your preference we recommend using our Clemens Supreme Adult Pull-Ups or our Clemens Contour Shaped Pads.

Products for moderate to severe incontinence
A moderate to severe incontinence is characterised by an average urine loss of 900 to 1800 ml over a four hour period. Additionally faecal incontinence is often present. Affected persons therefore require products with an optimal fit that offer added security and comfort. Our Clemens Complete Premium Plus range of Adult Diapers or our Clemens Contour Super Plus Shaped Pads are specifically suited for this purpose.

Products for severe to very severe incontinence
Persons who lose more than 1800 ml urine over a four hour period suffer from severe to very severe incontinence and therefore require a product with very high absorbency levels.
Our Clemens Complete Premium Ultra range of Adult Diapers addresses the needs of these users. The "Ultra" range of diapers is also specifically designed to be worn overnight.

Underpads for bedding
Disposable and Washable Underpads serve as an additional protection for bedding. For use in both institutional and home care these underpads provide added care comfort and make day-to-day tasks easier.