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Swim Pants

Swimmies Swim PantsSwimmies Swim Pants
Babycharm Swimmies


When you're having fun in the water with your little one, who wants to worry about those embarrassing little accidents?

Unlike disposable nappies, Swimmies do not swell on contact with water, allowing your little one freedom of movement to splash around and have a great time. Try our Extra Small swim nappies that are perfect for babies under 6 months.


  • Special core that doesn't swell when wet
  • Easy tear away seams
  • All around elasication

Swimmies Swim Pants

Size Guide

Description Size Weight Range

Swimmies Swim Pants X-Small

X-Small 3 - 6 KG

Swimmies Swim Pants Small

Small 4 - 9 KG

Swimmies Swim Pants Medium

Medium 7 - 18 KG