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About Us

Validus Medical was established in 2005 with the aim of producing quality disposable medical products in South Africa.

Our Factory is located in the Ekandustria Industrial area and – in a short period of time - has grown into a 5000m2 area currently employing more than 75 staff and featuring high speed, fully automated, high quality production lines for adult diapers, pads, baby diapers, wipes, draw sheets and linen savers.

We have established a footprint throughout South Africa, with our sales staff servicing customers in all nine Provinces. Our Head Office is situated in Johannesburg and we have since opened branches in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth so that we can provide all our customers with products quickly and efficiently. Please also refer to our Contacts page for details.

Every single person that has a hand in the manufacturing and distribution of Validus products shares our passion and pride for these fine products. Thanks to our unfailing commitment to quality and thoughtful innovation, our products are trusted and chosen by professionals in the hospital, frail and baby care industries as well as consumers throughout Southern Africa.